Monday, August 10, 2009


I have a few posts under construction.

Yet, I find this point in the season brings a bit of a pause, before the slide into constant deadheading and cutting back as perennials fade away.
The late bloomers are getting ready to show off, and in most of the properties I help maintain, the weeds are largely under control.
Sort of . Somewhat.
The heavy and frequent rainfall has transformed some spaces into mini jungles.
Slugs, snails, spiders take up residence greedily.

Weeds suddenly appear as carpets, or flowering science fiction sized intruders . I've walked by a section or two thinking all was well with the Rubeckia bed filled out to meet the Autumn Joy Sedum patch, when suddenly I feel the need to quick draw my L tool and pruners , two fisted and quaking with flashbacks to Day of the Triffads.

The tiny vegetable garden at the side of our property finally provided a few tomatoes, the just red enough much awaited beauties hanging like too heavy earrings on the soggy drooping stems, low enough that the slugs that glisten on my interlocking stone are even "sluggier", flesh oozing a ruby glow of evidence. My windowsill is now lined with greenish hope.

Peculiar weather perhaps, but the lushness ! The thickness of air and green. It feels voluptuous. Vines and shrubs and lawns that usually know enough to modestly share the parched and tired soil, now wave and spill over and flatter .
Tempting .
Drink this up and into , the cool refreshing abundance.
Feel the vigour, the ripeness.
Know this joy for awhile.
Let it stroke your soul and adorn dull routines.

Soon enough September breezes will remind everyone to behave .

So for a short while longer, I'll let the gardens party, and use the sheers and edgers sparingly.
I'll gulp it down greedily too.


  1. I just wish my husband would use the sheers sparingly. I want the flowers and their leaves to burst with bounty! Your pictures and descriptions are beautiful!

  2. i confess that i am jealous of the green; yet, am delighted to share it with you from afar :0)

  3. What lovely words, Deb! You're right to take what comes and revel in it. Today is the only day.

    It's strange, though. You're getting a Florida kind of summer--damp and riotous. Gardeners there don't worry about whether a vine will live, they wonder if it will cover the house and eat the neighbors.

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