Monday, July 27, 2009


The more I study this picture from the late spring archives, the more I am convinced that
I planted spinach, a few kinds of lettuce, parsely, sage, and basil.
Hidden behind the silk , deep in the eyes of innocence, the soil lingers.
Reminding me that paws dig, friends lend a helping hand or heave, dogs drive us crazy
I might give him a talking to, attempt to explain the importance of seeds staying where they've been planted. Basic gardening for actual crop advice.
I'm guessing he'll be hard to catch or hold in eye to eye contact, scurrying and playing hide and go seek, and spraying dirt and mulch , blossoms, and vegetation skyward.
I forgive you Diesel, I'm just heading out to the Farmer's Market for a bit...


  1. Laughing out loud! You are not losing it...and I hope you found some fresh, good stuff at the market! :)

  2. LOL - I get that kind of help from my toddler! ;)

  3. that is too sweet. glad you forgive diesel; he's got a very forgivable face!! :)