Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The fall gardening chores are becoming as real as the shortening days.
I resist this back to school , celebrate the apples, and plunk mums everywhere season.
Wearing shorts in defiance and thinking about Halloween the day of.
I play hard to get , until swooning over the light and the colours I am won over yet again.

I want to run my hand over the fields that soften our highways. Like wool needlepoint carpets of autumn gold and mushroom and plum.

Leaves will crunch beneath me.
Blow and swirl and bring change and promise.

Berries blink from holly and cotoneaster, lily of the valley and dogwood.

Stop and yield and go.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


It was the colour that surprised me most of all.

I'd been to Pheonix and Sedona , Arizona 14 years ago, and remember being awestruck. But as an overwhelmed mother of 4 young children, one of whom I'd just weaned, I was soaking up the freedom from clutching little arms, and tears of guilt, and humility in my limited wardrobe.

I am still letting it all settle in from this trip. This time was for basking and noticing.
The contrasts, the unexpected, the sacredness, the vastness of land and sky and tenacity.

These photos are from the Grand Canyon trip.
We arrived from Hwy 89 at the south east Desert View section. This is where the Watchtower is located and where knees begin to shake and heart pounds and camera's click and the deepness of earth and time and the spiritual is open and laid before your eyes and heart and soul.

We followed the South Rim drive and parked near Mather Point. Walking along the Rim Trail felt like wandering through gift packages. Each view and wash of colour or peak at the Colorado River, or surprise of vibrant and enduring life amazes.
We made our way to Verkamp's Visitor Centre and then turned around to claim a sunset spot. While it had been overcast for most of the day, we were not disapointed at all.
I think we would have slept right there on the rock just to stay in the moment of it all but knew we had a drive in the dark back to Flagstaff through the Coconino Forest area along Hwy 64. Where towering elk appear in the headlights. On the other side of the road , but still...

It never ceases to strike me through... the diversity of all of creation.

While I organize the pictures and memories and lasting impressions, I know that I have been transformed yet again, the never finished still evolving little me in the grand drama of the forever still to be.

~~photos; mojave aster? , raven pair, mule deer, scrub oak, unknown flower