Friday, August 14, 2009


A gentle note to homeowners who plan extended vacations.
Perhaps a scheduled visit before the path to the doorway disappears could be an option.

I am experiencing blogger stubbornitis this morning, but that is okay. Imagine the pictures where they should be, and the text properly aligned and paragraphed. The point of this is clear. That many of my days are spent in toil such as this. I sing a little clean up song, Molly from Big Comfy Couch forever in my mommy brain, wishing I was as flexible, glad for the kneepads. Yes that is me looking so glam with the bucket.

Now , that's better. Although there is still some definition needed along the side where the potentilla and hydrangeas are in stubborn knots. Next time. The best part of this day was that I was working with the sweetest jaw dropping bundle of energy . And she's hot too. And I mean that in an even though us gardener moms wear such fabulous outfits and smell like mosquito repellent, we still got it way. Not that we're just sweaty and wilted. She is the giving and patient soul, who understood mine, and encouraged me to take a chance and do something that I wouldn't have without her. I still sub-contract most of the clients from her. Or if I am really lucky, with her. That is a path I am so so grateful to be on. Crawling and tripping and scrapping and revealing the door.
A friend like that feels like a vacation all the time.


  1. Deb, thanks so much for visiting my blog. The chapel is located in Bella Vista, Arkansas.

    Your yard is beautiful! God's richest blessings to you and yours.

  2. Oh my word--that is NOT what happens when a Texan goes on vacation. In this torrid drought, everything is brown and crispy.

    A lovely tribute to your mentor. I particularly like the last sentence: "A friend like that feels like a vacation all the time."

  3. Dianne, that is actually a client's yard. I do often pretend to "own" them while I work .

    Kathleen, thanks, it was a rushed and awkward post, computer glitches, but the sentiment came through I think.

  4. Beautiful pathway :)

  5. such a beautiful garden. ahhh....come help me!!!! :)

  6. Roo..I thought I posted a reply, but it isn't here. I wanted to thank you for your kindness, and to tell you that I love your profile pic :)But that I can't seem to find a blog of yours, if you have one ?