Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today promises soft warm sweater sun on my bending and stooping back, as the bedtime routines begin.

Tucking in client's gardens and tidying up the party mess.

I'll yank out stubborn annuals without mercy. Hack and slice, and get everyone back on their own sides. I'll make mental notes on what worked here and didn't there, and remind myself once again that ornamental grasses can be just the right choice , even in a small space, and roll my eyes in disdain at the stella d'oro daylilies that once again failed to impress.

I'll linger and gaze and listen and breathe deeply.

Soon the tools will get put away, but that earth smell, the musky deep of her, will tease just there at the edge of whistling winds in the holding days.


  1. Beautiful words. Enjoy your autumn gardening, putting those plants to bed for the winter.


  2. we're at that point, too....the season is just about done....and it makes me said. I'm not a winter person at all....let the whining begin !!

  3. Beautiful! I only have about a 1/4 left to finish in my perennial bed and it's bedded down, but I think I need to get at my roses first!

  4. oops that should have been 'sad'

    and what is that in the photo ?
    I found that same thing at the pond the other day.....

  5. Okay,,, so strange I just posted a comment on your blog.
    These cyber connections are scary sometimes.
    The photo is of a Horse Chestnut tree.
    And I do dread the winter in so many ways. I have some sewing projects planned. And maybe some writing submissions.
    But I will need to get outdoors or the long dark days sneak up on a soul.

  6. I do love your poetry of the garden. Church of the Living Green.

  7. Hi, Deb--there's something for you over at my blog!

  8. If only I could remember what I’ve planted here and there to know what worked and what didn’t! I have a friend that’s an experienced gardener and her yard is incredible. I’ve asked her several times if I could pay her to come landscape my yard and she humbly laughs. Only, I’m serious and she won’t take me up on my offer! My mind is trying to remember there must be winter for spring to come again.

  9. very beautiful, I feel the emotion, i am not in your shoes exactly but think you are great. thanks for your blog

  10. My Organic Acres ~ wow, thanks . I've often wondered what it would be like to live where the seasonal changes are marked by more subtle changes or come in shorter fiercer blasts, but I guess sometimes it is just about settling into transitions.