Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The fall gardening chores are becoming as real as the shortening days.
I resist this back to school , celebrate the apples, and plunk mums everywhere season.
Wearing shorts in defiance and thinking about Halloween the day of.
I play hard to get , until swooning over the light and the colours I am won over yet again.

I want to run my hand over the fields that soften our highways. Like wool needlepoint carpets of autumn gold and mushroom and plum.

Leaves will crunch beneath me.
Blow and swirl and bring change and promise.

Berries blink from holly and cotoneaster, lily of the valley and dogwood.

Stop and yield and go.


  1. Lovely musings.

    Hope your autumn is filled with vibrant color, crisp air, and the excitement of change.

  2. "I play hard to get" that in regards to how you used it !

  3. Turning point today, although ironically it was unseasonably warm. But suddenly I am all about the transition.

  4. Love your photographs, as usual!! They capture every detail of the beautiful subjects you are sharing.
    I have short sleeves and flip flops on today and as I was rushing out the door, the crisp cool air caught me by surprise. Well, hello there, fall!!
    I’m going to look up the dryer sheets online today and see if there are some “green” ones out there. I agree, I don’t know if they exist, but I’ll sure try to find them because I can’t bear to be without that scent! Have a beautiful day!

  5. Enjoyed this post. :) Thanks for sharing the photos from your garden. They are lovely. I am a gardener-wanna-be. I have fantasies of cutting fresh flowers for my kitchen table some day... Some day...

  6. What a beautiful word picture! And what beautiful pictures! Did you take those photos?

  7. deb, i can't believe you get all that out of looking at the flowers. i absolutely love "Leaves will crunch beneath me.
    Blow and swirl and bring change and promise." it was so good i had to read it outloud to my hubby. ;)

  8. Inksstillwet~ thank you , and I certainly didn't mean to say I am that green or organic. It was just that one of my daughters is sensitive to them, and I know they are probably wasteful so I try to cut down.

    Sharaya~I think it can be a forgiving way to be creative. I love being outside, and I love seeing things pop up and sprout in the spring. Fills me with hope. Funny, I rarely cut things to bring inside, my husband does that. And my garden is small, so that is why I love to enjoy my client's properties.

    Richella ~ Thanks, and it's all about the camera. I bought an NIkonD40 and even on auto the pictures are fabulous. For Christmas I'd love to get a zoom lens. I have been learning as I go, I'm not a tech person at all.

    Melissa~thank you . Poet wanna be I guess. You are so kind. But I already knew that.

  9. Ohhh! Your blog is fabulous!! Thank you for stopping by mine. My passion for gardening has waned lately against my passion for photography, but stopping by your blog will inspire me to keep plugging away. Beautiful!!


  10. "I play hard to get , until swooning over the light and the colours I am won over yet again" yes, this is exactly how it happens, isn't it?! I am so moved by the changing seasons, I loved reading this! Beautiful! So glad to have found your blog!

  11. Catie ~ thank you , I have to say it's luck and Picnik a lot :)